The High Flyer

Represented by:
Laura Longrigg


Severn House

Publication date:

1930. The Lance family, major shareholders in Marshfield Aviation, watch in horror as their prototype fighter fails to pull out of a dive during a display before government and military VIPs. At the pilot’s funeral, a man introduces himself to the widow as Ben Norton, a close friend of her husband during war service with the Royal Flying Corps. Ben becomes Marshfield’s new Test Pilot, determined to refute worldwide press claims of a faulty aircraft design. Convinced that deliberate sabotage was behind the crash, the young flyer vows to uncover whoever was responsible. But who is Ben Norton? And why is it that the man he claims to have been his close wartime colleague had not once mentioned Ben during eight years of marriage?  


'Solid writing, a twisty plot, taut suspense, and a brave but flawed hero make this aviation adventure an engaging read.' Booklist
'[a] solid series debut set in 1930...Ben makes for an intriguingly enigmatic series sleuth.' Publishers weekly