The Good Daughter

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Laura Longrigg



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US Berkley, UK Avon February 2017

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France: Denoel
Poland: Swiat Ksiazki

‘It all started with the crickets.’ Dahlia Waller returns to her home town of Aurora, Texas, to live with her mother, Memphis.  She is determined to mend their mother-daughter relationship and get answers about her rather unorthodox childhood spent in hiding and on the run. Only months into her stay, Dahlia discovers a barely alive Jane Doe (unidentified woman) in the woods.   In her panic to get help she falls into a stream – almost immediately she starts to experience an extreme sense of smell and alarming blackouts and hallucinations.  She also develops a fixation on Jane Doe and other missing women.  With the help of her childhood friend, Bobby de la Vega, a police officer, she looks into the other old case files and in the process comes across a property on the outskirts of Aurora.  The old farmhouse is seemingly frozen in time, down to the silverware in drawers and sheets on the beds, and a mysterious jar of dead crickets on the windowsill.  The deeds to the house are in her mother’s name. It’s also empty and when Dahlia and her mother are made homeless – Memphis set fire to her bedroom – they move in.  Memories flood in for both women, painful for Dahlia who has no idea of the events that took place thirty years before –  and for Memphis because she does, she was there…


'A stunning read from a superb storyteller.'
Clare Macintosh
'A Good Daughter by Alexandra Burt is stunning.  Every landscape, from rural Texas to the dark past of the characters, is intricately and beautifully crafted, pulling you in from the very first page to the very last.  Rarely do we get to enjoy psychological suspense with such extraordinary descriptive narration.  It's a wonderful read!'
Wendy Walker 

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