The Empty Nest

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‘The empty nest isn’t just about the pain I felt when the kids left. It’s the end of an era, a turning point in your life when you have to make decisions about the future and renegotiate your relationships.’ For most parents, children have been the centre of life for two decades and getting used to being without them requires a massive emotional and practical adjustment. It is a time of nostalgia, perhaps regret, but also has the potential to be a positive time of change and personal growth.

Surprisingly, given how many mothers in this generation often have busy and fulfilled working lives alongside being a parent, many find that they are still deeply affected by the Empty Nest, as are many fathers. Going back to a life without children – yet still being a parent – is something all members of the family need to prepare for.


'A big hug of a book. Manages to be both realistic and optimistic  - and not at all patronising - at what can be a bleak and frightening time. A lifesaver, opening up all kinds of possibilities.' Aggie MacKenzie, TV presenter

'A thoughtful and compassionate exploration of a complex parenting phase.' Dr Terri Apter

'An insightful book' Katharine Whitehorn

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