The Accidental Time Traveller

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If 50 is the new 30, then where does that leave today’s 30-year-olds? How would they have coped in a less indulgent age? In 2008, journalists Will and Rose love each other, live together but are still not quite a couple. He thinks she is too independent for commitment. She thinks he is too immature. It would have been very different in the 1950s Then Rosie is researching a feature on the 1950s and suddenly finds herself living the story. It’s 1953, and she is working on a newspaper: offices full of men and cigarette smoke and women making coffee and writing recipes. What’s worse is that Will is there too. But in the 1950s he is known as Billy and has been married since he was 16 and has three children. In the different circumstances of the 1950s, Will/Billy is a family man and devoted father; he grows vegetables and even has a shed. He is, in fact, a grown up. Rose is desperate for Billy to love her in the 1950s the way Will does in 2008. 1950s Billy is intrigued to have a female colleague as hungry for the big stories as he is, and is clearly very taken with Rosie – but he would never betray his wife and family. Ironically now that she really knows Will and is sure he’s the one for her, she can no longer have him. Unless she can get back to 2008.


"A wonderfully warm romantic comedy, whose heroine is transported back to the 50s and finds she rather likes the traditional values of the time. One of the debuts most likely to be an instant hit that I've seen."The Bookseller 

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