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Sometimes the stories we tell ourselves are the ones we most want to hear. On the brink of scandal, five characters bound by marriage, friendship and lust attempt to rescue what is most important to them. Through their interwoven narratives, Gee Williams deftly explores the dangers of concocting personal fictions. This dark, compelling mystery begins on a desolate stretch of the Welsh coast, when Elly Kent discovers a ring with a finger still attached. Written in the brilliantly vivid, vernacular prose of everyday life, Salvage is a taut, engrossing study of betrayal, self-justification and the consequences of rewriting the past.


"A controlled and gifted stylist, Williams is inventive and inspiring in her craft."Prof Colin Nicholson, James Tait Black Prize judge
"Williams' writing is offbeat, subtle, haunting, fresh. Once I was introduced to these characters I couldn't get them out of my head."Kate Long, best-selling author of The Badmother's Handbook
"Salvage is the least predictable novel I've read in a long time; subtle, sad, unique and beautifully written."Sally Quilford, The New Writer.