My Gentleman Jim

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October, 2015

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‘Jimmy Hill took on the footballing establishment and played them off the park. Not a Rooney or a Ronaldo, a Beckham or a Best, a Cantona or a Charlton could have earned as much without this landmark change to players’ contracts. There cannot be one player over the last half a century (or his agent) having signed a professional football contract who isn’t in some way indebted to Jimmy’s leadership all those years ago.’ Jimmy Hill, footballing legend, known for his punditry, his charisma and his chin… End of story? Far from it, as his wife Bryony eloquently shows in this fascinating insight into her multi-talented husband. Starting his career playing for Brentford and then Fulham, Jimmy went on to become involved in the game at many other levels, being the man who introduced 3 points for a win and removed the maximum wage cap for footballers – as well as the only ex-professional player to be manager, director, managing director and chairman. Jimmy Hill’s mark on football is undisputed. But did you know that he was also, in his day, a keen golfer, huntsman, fundraiser for his favourite charity – and even songwriter? Arsenal and Coventry both have Jimmy to thank for their club songs! Sadly, in his latter years, Jimmy has succumbed to the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease, and Bryony finishes this candid but loving tribute by describing the devastating effect this had on both their lives.

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