LOCKED IN: One man’s miraculous escape from the terrifying confines of Locked-in syndrome

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David Riding



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June 2014

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German: Weltbild
French: City Editions
Czech: Triton
Polish: Wydawnictwo WAM

The noises were fuzzy in the darkness. Like hearing a domestic dispute through an apartment wall. As a cop, it was a scenario I’d experienced many times as I’d approached a stranger’s front door. But this was different. This time I wasn’t going anywhere. I wasn’t moving at all. Couldn’t move at all.

In June 2009 Napa cop Richard Marsh suffered a severe stroke that submerged him in the terrifying world of a Locked-in sufferer. Brain activity remains but sufferers have no way of communicating with the outside world. In fact, 90 per cent of sufferers die within four months of onset.¬†Locked In¬†follows Richard’s extraordinary race against time. First, to prove his existence to the medical team and then to beat the odds of surviving Locked-in syndrome. Written with the intensity of a thriller, we witness astonishing moments in his journey, such as Richard finally hearing a neurosurgeon say, ‘I think there’s someone in here’. Now fully recovered, Richard’s story is one of triumph that will captivate and inspire.