Living with Mother Right to the Very End

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Laura Longrigg


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Winner of BT Mind Book of the Year Award 2007 In her new collection of Guardian columns, Michele focuses on the life and death of her mother A glamorous, much admired young woman, in old age Michele’s mother still has power over everyone she meets. She alternately despairs of and adores her grand-daughter and treats her daughter, now sixty-three, as though she is twelve. Michele observes the very slow decline of her mother, as she changes from vibrant, bossy, hilarious fault-finder general and head chef to frail, bedridden, helpless, speechless, but still formidable and brave old lady, who is able, to the very end, to have a laugh. Rarely have the indignities of old age, and the trials for the loved ones who have to cope with that old age, been so brilliantly, poignantly and hilariously brought to life.


"Inspired, deadpan reflections on life as the mother of a teenager ...her work is also, at a deeper level, about parental passion, family tolerance, forgiveness and love."Mail on Sunday 

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