Living with Buildings: And Walking with Ghosts – On Health and Architecture

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Laura Longrigg


Wellcome Collection

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September 20th, 2018

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Wellcome Collection

One of Britain’s finest writers embarks on a journey to explore the relationship between our health and the buildings that surround us.


Living with Buildings is a remarkable book; surprisingly gripping and often very moving. It extends and deepens Iain Sinclair's extraordinary 'brain-mapping project' - his investigation, carried out over many books and years, into how place embeds itself into mind, and mind into place. Buildings, here, emerge both as powerful agents of harm and healing. Some are 'lodestones of health and sanity', in others 'the deathwatch taps in the walls.' Stories weave and unweave over the book's course, patterning thought into a complex built environment, at once disorientating and illuminating. (Robert Macfarlane)

The country's finest writer considers the structures that shape us, that permeate our psychologies and ultimately become us... Sinclair's acid-sharp analysis is vital, insightful and necessary. This is town planning of the soul, a new urban map without which we are lost. Read it immediately. (Alan Moore)

Iain Sinclair feeds us a rich diet of shrewd insights ... He leaves you gasping with the punch and pungency of his images (Rowan Moore Observer)

Sinclair's recent work represents some of the most important in contemporary English letters (Will Self New Statesman)

Sinclair breathes wondrous life into monstrous, man-made landscapes (Times Literary Supplement)

The truest and most knowledgeable living writer on London. (Evening Standard)

He is incapable of writing a dull paragraph (Scotland on Sunday)

On his territory there's nobody to touch him ... a gonzo Samuel Pepys (Sunday Times)

As a stylist Sinclair is incomparable (Peter Ackroyd)

An explosion of literary fireworks (The Times)

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