How Could She?

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Susan Smith



Publication date:
January 2010

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Netherlands: De Boekerij

The shocking true story of a mother’s betrayal and a daughter’s battle to survive the unthinkable…

A frightened girl sits on the stairs. It’s Christmas Day but she’s gripped by fear. She can hear them downstairs, waiting for her. Laughing like they have nothing to be ashamed of. Afterwards, her mother will indulge her because it’s Christmas. And for just one day the girl won’t wonder, “How could she?”

At just five years old, Dana Fowley learned that there was no one she could trust and nowhere she could escape to. She and her younger sister endured years of terrible abuse, subjected day after day to unimaginable attacks, and not only did their mother do nothing to protect them, she willingly helped. In a high-profile and traumatising court case, Dana’s lifelong suffering was at last revealed when she bravely faced her demons and testified against her own mother. Finally, Dana’s nightmare is coming to an end.