High Heels and a Head Torch

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Susan Smith



Publication date:
July 2009

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There are plenty of books out there about travelling round a particular country or region; there’s a fair few about motorcycling round the world; but there’s not much that talks about the actual experience of being a backpacker. Most of those which exist are written by men – but this one isn’t. It’s written by a girl for girls, and as well as DOs and DON’Ts and hilarious anecdotes, it contains masses of brilliant advice, making it an essential travelling companion.

Written by a seasoned traveller who learnt the hard way, this book tells you how to still feel glam when your backpack is smaller than your shoe cupboard; how to cope with sharing dorms with strangers (including how to avoid being the most unpopular girl in the dorm); how to keep yourself stylishly entertained whilst spending as little money as possible and; perhaps most importantly of all, it explains the indispensable nature of the sparkly flip-flop.