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Diana Tyler



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The world of Frank Pagan, Special Branch’s counter-terrorist agent, is being violated. He is being observed, his every movement tracked and recorded. His flat is broken into. The only object stolen is a photograph of his dead wife, which is later returned to him grotesquely disfigured.   But it is more than Pagan’s residence that has been invaded. His dreams, his every waking moment, are filled with hot, obsessive thoughts of a mortally alluring woman. For it is the most critical assignment of Pagan’s career, as well as his fate, to bring to justice the enigmatic and ruthless terrorist Carlotta, who is wanted the world over for her hideous crimes.   Indifferent to the horror and destruction she leaves in her wake, yet curiously fixated on Pagan, Carlotta sends emotional depth-charges into his life to the point where his pursuit of her crosses the line that separates duty from sexual obsession. In a deadly cat-and-mouse chase, Pagan is destined always to stay just a step behind Carlotta, until the fatal day he catches up with his nemesis.   Riddled with intrigue, violence and sexual tension, Heat resolves the confrontation begun in Campbell Armstrong’s bestselling Jig, and Jigsaw. A consummate psychological thriller, it takes the reader on a journey into the darkest reaches of a man’s soul.