Gypsy Wedding

Represented by:
Laura Longrigg



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Brought up in a caravan on a settled trailer park, Vicky could not be happier with her life. At 15 she is engaged to her childhood friend Liam, the handsomest man on the park. Not only that, but she can’t help feeling she’s got the balance of her life just right. She’s doing well at school and if she works hard she might even fulfill her dream of becoming a dressmaker. But as she turns 17 the pressure is on for her and Liam to set a date for the wedding, and suddenly Vicky is not so sure. How can she give up her dreams and spend the rest of her life looking after Liam? Especially as her classmate Jordan seems a far more exciting prospect…What on earth is a girl to do? She loves Liam, but Jordan makes her feel things she’s never felt before, and her best friend Kelly’s life seems so much more fun than her own limited options. But can she really turn her back on her friends and family and survive in a hostile world? In the year running up to her wedding, Vicky is about to find out that life outside the traveller community is a lot more complicated than she’d thought…


"One could float through a novel like this on a cloud of tulle, but Kate Lace faces the facts and the conflicts with such admirable honesty that it is not really possible to do that when reading Gypsy Wedding" Vulpes Libris