Ghost Milk

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Laura Longrigg



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In Ghost Milk Iain Sinclair exposes the dark underbelly of the Olympics 2012. Burrowing under the perimeter fence of the grandest of Grand Projects – the giant myth that is 2012’s London Olympics – Ghost Milk explores a landscape under sentence of death and soon to be scorched by riots. This is a road map to a possible future as well as Iain Sinclair’s most powerful statement yet on the throwaway impermanence of the present.


"Wonderful, sharp, amusing, grippingly atmospheric. One of our most dazzling prose stylists" Daily Telegraph
"Dazzling . . . Sinclair's explorations by foot are highly engaging and anything but pedestrian" Sunday Telegraph
"Brilliant, superb. Anger drives the book forwards. Sinclair has gone from cult author to national treasure" Robert Macfarlane Guardian
"Ghost Milk reads like a meld of poet Allen Ginsberg, comic books writer Alan Moore and an anarchists' message board . . . There is no doubt that Sinclair is original, observant, a wonderful phrase maker" Evening Standard"A striking visual poetry and tart black comedy are extracted form even the most hopeless of London locations" Spectator"A scorching 400-page diatribe against this and other "grand projects" . . . [Sinclair is] a crazily knowledgeable local historian with a shaman's grasp of strange energies, unseen ley lines, urban esoterica" Independent Magazine