Get Real



Publication date:
February 3, 2005

A third thought-provoking novel from this lively new author. Artie has everything. His parents are making a serious fortune for themselves as sports agents, they’ve got a dream house with every kind of toy and gizmo a kid could ever desire, and Artie and his younger brother and sister (the twins) go to glamorous parties every weekend in designer clothes, where they hang out with sporting celebrities! Oh, and did I mention Artie’s own phenomenal football ability? He’s already got some premiership talent scouts watching him. In spite of all this, Artie’s miserable. Why? Well, he hardly sees his successful parents, never gets to spend much time in their dream home and he and his best mate, Matt, aren’t getting on so well. In fact, having school days with Matt and weekends with his parents is like living in two separate worlds. Grandad is the only thing that holds these worlds together. But Grandad’s loopiness is getting worse. And only Artie knows. Set in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, this is a novel about a boy discovering the really important things in life — and teaching everyone around him as he learns.

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