From Mother to Daughter: Traditional Housekeeping for the Modern Home

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Sophie Gorell Barnes


Kyle Cathie

Publication date:
25th September 2009

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Kyle Cathie

Our modern world is infinitely more complex than the one previous generations inhabited, and the pace of life much quicker. Yet the way our grandmothers lived their lives – using knowledge passed from mother to daughter – is as relevant today as it’s always been. Recalling this traditional wisdom, Vivienne Bolton celebrates the rites and rituals that for centuries have marked the seasons around the world. As the year unfolds, she offers advice collected from cultures around the globe on everything from natural spring cleaning to the planting of seeds. In summer, the home and garden can be enriched with floral and edible bounty, from rose petal pot pourri to fresh herb cheeses. The autumn harvest offers an abundance of preserving, pickling and drying, plus advice on storing. For winter there are remedies for sore throats, recipes for steamed puddings and instructions on how to make candles, tie faggots for the fire and clean your quilt with snow.–rediscover-hand-heritage.html



Gorgeously photographed, it's proof that rediscovering making and baking doesn't require style sacrifices. --Josephine Fairley, YOU Magazine