Diamond Street: The Hidden World of Hatton Garden

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Hamish Hamilton

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Enter Hatton Garden, one of London’s more mysterious streets. Home to ancient burial sites, diamond workshops, underground vaults, monastic dynasties, subterranean rivers and forgotten palaces.  You will meet sewer flushers, artists, goldsmiths, geologists and visionaries as Lichtenstein uncovers the history, secrets and stories that bring this vibrant Clerkenwell street and its environs to life.


"Fascinating. The great joy of Lichtenstein's books is that she encourages us to look again at the places we take for granted" Daily Telegraph
"Vivid and amusing, containing so many sparkling things, elegantly organized. Lichtenstein consulted a whole gang of glorious characters, collecting tales, history and lore on her way. An overwhelming trove of stories with a multiplicity of facets to intrigue" Observer
"Engrossing, a superb oral historian. Lichtenstein proves to be an indefatigable explorer" Sunday Times
"Lichtenstein is an artist, writer, local historian and archivist and her multi-faceted approach makes fascinating reading. She make[s] us look with a fresh eye at familiar urban spaces" Independent on Sunday
"Lichtenstein has brought alive something of London . . . how one street can be a kind of Tardis, a portal to another world of parallel commerce, codes, rituals, history. A heartfelt book full of curiosity and love" The Times
"A lively and rewarding addition to the capital's rich history" Independent
"A superb oral historian, she comes from three generations of jewellery dealers, and proves to be both an indefatigable explorer and a skilled interviewer of people not in the habit of sharing their life-stories. The most impressive revelation of this splendid book is that trust, in this tiny, hidden world, carries a value high above wealth." The Sunday Times

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