Daylight on Iron Mountain

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Diana Tyler


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Publication date:
June 2017

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 Chung Kuo Book Two

‘Colossal. A long-awaited, elaborately frightening vision of the future’ – Sunday Times

Japan lies under a radioactive cloud, its denizens wiped out. America has been subjugated, its inhabitants scattered. The Old World is dead, buried beneath the foundations of the new – Chung Kuo, a mile-high, globe-spanning megacity. Billions have perished and history has been rewritten with their blood.

Over all of this one man reigns supreme: Tsao Ch’un – the Son of Heaven. But it takes one type of man to conquer a world, another to rule it. The Son of Heaven’s brutality has alienated even his closest allies and in the depths of the great city, rebellion has been unleashed.

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