Angel in an Apron

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Born not with a silver spoon in her mouth but a wooden spoon in her hand and wearing an apron, Bryony Hill has a passion for cooking that is as natural as breathing. From girlhood baking to conjuring up fabulous dinners at a moment’s notice, her raison d’être has always been to feed those she loves. With the irrepressible enthusiasm that made her gardening book, A Compost Kind of Girl, such a winner, Bryony now shares the secrets of her kitchen so that you too can be an Angel in an Apron. Favourite recipes learned as a child, such as a classic kedgeree or foolproof fruit crumble, feature alongside the many magical dishes Bryony has created over the years. Clearly written, tantalising recipes for divine soups, heavenly puddings and angelic suppers are lightly seasoned with tales of Bryony’s foodie life: from cakes and the art of seduction to throwing together a perfect meal with whatever the garden has provided. Inspired by the recipes of her mother’s generation, but brought bang up to date with modern shortcuts and variations, this is no-nonsense home cooking at its best.


"Good cooking is created from a balance of good flavours, good textures and with that lots of passion. This book is full of all of those ingredients with the great addition of simplicity to finish."Gary Rhodes

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