A Puppy Called Aero

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Susan Smith


John Murray

Publication date:
June 2009

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Italy: Piemme The Netherlands: House of Books Germany: Reinhardt

After years of suffering from ADHD, all it took was the love of an obedient puppy to put Liam’s life on the right track. Liam has endured a torrid time – upsetting friends and family, and getting excluded from school more times than he cares to remember. All because he was born afflicted with an inability to sit still and concentrate. His outbursts have got him into fights, and to many around him, he was a lost cause. But then a ‘social experiment’ came knocking and his life was turned round, thanks to the BBC and a dog called Aero What started as a quest for notoriety – Liam had always wanted to be on TV – soon became a personal mission to better himself. It proved a truly life-changing journey. Working for a charity called Canine Partners, Liam found himself training Aero, a Labrador puppy, to help people with disabilities live an independent life. Yet, somehow, along the way, his relationship with the pup started working on his own affliction too. Liam thought his life was destined for failure – after all, that’s what had been drummed into him for years. But might the dog have given him a focus? An understanding of how to control his own behaviour? And most of all, a sense of hope for a better future? This is the story of Liam and his unlikely teacher, Aero.