A Compost Kind of Girl

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Bryony has created the most beautiful garden at the Hills’ house in West Sussex. She is passionate about it and conveys this in her writing. She has also painted some charming water-colour pictures of her garden, and pen and ink drawings which illustrate and decorate the text. Any aspiring, amateur or armchair, gardener can’t help but be inspired by reading Bryony’s book, and will also much enjoy her company as she recreates her garden in these pages: from wildly coloured and scented flower borders, to ornamental pond complete with statue and fish, to the beds of lettuce and tomatoes. And along the way providing accommodation for nesting birds, doing battle with snails and bindweed, and of course preparing the compost heap, the pride and joy of any proper gardener. Bryony encourages you to have them all too, and have a lot of fun (and win a few prizes for vegetables in the local village fete).


"Buy two of these - one by the bed for inspiration, one in the shed for instruction. This book will convert even me into a green-fingered enthusiast!" Tommy Walsh - Broadcaster, BBC's 'Groundforce'
"'Bryony Hill' - it has a poetic, romantic ring to it, a scent of hollyhocks, a flowering zephyr. Yet this fairy figure is a daughter of the soil, up to her shoulder pads in slurry. As Rambling Syd Rumpo put it so well, 'The answer lies in the soil...' It certainly does for Bryony, and she conveys her love of gardening, nature and life itself with charm and good sense. Like herself, a practical delight." Sir Terry Wogan, KBA - television and radio broadcaster
"Who can resist a woman who loves compost, adores flowers, is prepared to shoot at squirrels, gives you an amazing number of gardening hints and tips that other people don't tell you - and paints watercolours of her garden? This is an enchanting, funny, personal yet immensely practical book." Marcelle d'Argy Smith - journalist and broadcaster
"Bryony Hill gives us an inspiring reminder of the joys that gardening can bring both to the spirit and to the stomach. Her enthusiasm is totally infectious, her gardening and cooking tips enlightening, and her easy recipes mouth-watering. Bryony's own lively illustrations are an added delight in this cheerful, life-enhancing book." Josceline Dimbleby - cookery writer and broadcaster 

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