The Outcast Girls by Alys Clare is out now!

Felix and Lily are called on to investigate the mysterious disappearance of young girls from Shardlowes School, which seems to be the repository for the unloved or ‘outcast.’  Lily goes undercover as a matron at the school.

With some help from Felix’s colourful contacts in  London’s theatre world  unsavoury details are uncovered about the school’s benefactor, the mysteriously named Band of Angels.  As his investigations progress, he realises that Lily is in very grave danger indeed.

The page-turning intrigue bustles from dark paths in the Fens to towers by the sea in another satisfying tale from the mistress of historical mystery.  The story also carries  a very current message of abuse of power and privilege and the abandonment of or disregard of the weak or imperfect.

The second novel in the World’s End Bureau series.

Mystery and social commentary combine in a heartbreaking and sadly relevant tale.

Anne Perry fans will want to check this out – Publishers Weekly

Posted on October 2, 2020