Sunday Times and Guardian top children’s pick!

Sita Brahmachari’s dystopian climate change adventure is Sunday Times Children’s Book of the Week see here

This dystopian novel by an award-winning author is about a world ravaged by climate change, in which nature has almost disappeared from cities except in the private gardens of the rich. … This is a story of an escape, and the discovery that the world is not as propaganda tells it. The book, despite the hardship it chronicles, is lavishly written and full of love of the natural world, and of stories — and families and friends.

and also one of the Guardian‘s summer reading choices

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Where the River Runs Gold is a gorgeous paean to love, art and solidarity in the face of oppression and injustice. As their five-year stint at the Farm begins, will Shifa be able to protect her brother, Themba, and bring him safely home? Vivid and imaginative, evoking hardship, horror and the lushness of the imperilled natural world, this new departure for Brahmachari is poignant and powerful.


Posted on August 5, 2019