The 10 Worst of Everything by Sam Jordison is out now!

The 10 Worst of Everything: The Big Book of Bad is out now, published by Michael O’Mara.

Most books celebrate the exceptions rather than the rule. They focus on the over-achievers, the unique and strange success stories.

The 10 Worst of Everything redresses this imbalance and shows that you maybe shouldn’t take it too badly if your own plans aren’t working out. And there’s nearly always someone worse off than you. Which is reassuring, if nothing else.

This is a fascinating compendium of disappointing facts about the worldvital information about places to avoid, mind-boggling information about medicinehistory and sciencepop culture misses, as well as all the daft things we do to each other. Learn from your mistakes or enjoy some schadenfreude!


Posted on October 18, 2018