Why Me? – The Very Important Emails of Bob Servant

Bob Servant is troubled. The economy is collapsing, his health is failing and around his hometown of Broughty Ferry, Bob is struggling to get the respect he deserves. Fortunately his email junk folder is bursting with offers of assistance from around the world. In these genuine emails, Bob Servant looks to the Internet’s worst con merchants and charlatans for answers to his many woes.

The author of the bestselling Delete This At Your Peril and the critically acclaimed Radio Four series “The Bob Servant Emails” is back with an all-new compilation of emails targeting a fresh batch of email spammers – the false lenders who have bravely stepped into the credit crunch; supposed doctors offering expensive ailments for Bob’s concerns; and fake foreign soldiers offering him military advice in his campaign against a local bowling club. They all find a man from Broughty Ferry who is ready and willing to give them his valuable time.

Posted on August 19, 2011