The Collaborator

Margaret Leroy’s remarkable novel, THE COLLABORATOR, has been in the Heatseekers chart in The Bookseller for three weeks so far. It is published in the US by Hyperion on 28th June with the title THE SOLIDER’S WIFE, and has already had this fantastic review from The Washington Post:
“Set on the English Channel island of Guernsey during the German occupation in the early 1940s, The Soldier’s Wife, by Margaret Leroy, hits all the sweet spots: forbidden love, familial loyalties, agonizing moral dilemmas and the awesome responsibilities of motherhood. But this wartime novel hits the dark spots, too. Against the flowered backdrop of this sea-surrounded place, Leroy describes acts of willful ignorance and cruelty. The plot is reminiscent of one of the novellas in Irene Nemirovsky’s amazing “Suite Francaise” — unloving husband away at war, cultured German officer housed uncomfortably close — but Leroy makes the story her own.”

Posted on August 18, 2011